Newly Qualified Teachers in Lambeth - After Recruiting

What do schools need to do
after recruiting an NQT?...

After recruiting an NQT, schools need to follow these steps:

  • Decide which Appropriate Body you would like to oversee the NQT's induction

    Lambeth can act as Appropriate Body for any NQTs appointed to a school. 

    For details of what an Appropriate Body is and the Lambeth NQT AB service, please refer to the information found on the
    page linked to below, with the following changes:


  • ​Schools cannot register NQTs with Teaching School Hubs for AB purposes.

  • As NQTs do not have to follow an ECF-based training programme as part of their induction, there will not be any Induction Mentors for Lambeth to support or non-Full ECF training programmes to quality assure

  • Schools do not need to submit Progress Reviews to Lambeth for NQTs

  • The Appropriate Body charge to schools will be £75 per Induction Period (IP) or period of extension to be completed, charged in full on the NQT's registration or commencement of extension

  • Decide on how any training needs the NQT may have will be met

    Given the small number of NQTs that are undertaking induction, it is no longer viable for Lambeth to offer a
    centrally-organised training programme for NQTs.

  • Appoint an Induction Tutor, to oversee the support and assessment of the NQT's induction at school

    Paragraph 2.35 of the NQT Guidance says

    The headteacher/principal must identify a person to act as the NQT’s induction tutor, to provide day-to-day monitoring and support, and coordination of assessment.
    The induction tutor must hold QTS and have the necessary skills and knowledge to work successfully in this role and should be able to provide effective coaching and mentoring.
    This is a very important element of the induction process and the induction tutor must be given sufficient time to carry out the role effectively and to meet the needs of the NQT.
    The induction tutor will need to be able to make rigorous and fair judgements about the NQT’s progress in relation to the relevant standards - they will need to be able to recognise when early action is needed in the case of an NQT who is experiencing difficulties.

  • Register your NQT with the Appropriate Body you have chosen to work with

    If choosing to register your NQT with Lambeth as AB, please download, complete and return the NQT Registration Form found below - NQTs can be registered to recommence their induction at any point of the academic year.

Schools do not have to select a ECF training option for an NQT, appoint an Induction Mentor or register their NQT on the DfE portal.