Newly Qualified Teachers in Lambeth

It is still possible for those who have started NQT induction
to complete it - but only until August 2023...

Anyone who began their statutory Induction under the NQT regulations before 31st August 2021 has until 31st August 2023
(the end of the 2022-2023 academic year) to complete Induction under those regulations.

No-one is able to begin their Induction as an NQT any longer - anyone who gained Qualified Teacher Status, but had not started their statutory Induction, before August 2021 must undertake their Induction as an Early Career Teacher (ECT) under the ECT regulations.

The pages that you can access from the menu bar above gives those who are NQTs, and those supporting them, information about the NQT process - from post-recruitment to completion.