Supporting of an NQT

How should an NQT be supported
by their Induction Tutor?...

NQTs and Induction Tutors should make themselves familiar with the content of the Lambeth Appropriate Body Handbook, as all NQTs must follow an individualised programme of support and assessment during their induction.

Lambeth expect that the templates mentioned in the Handbook, and provided below, for recording key aspects of support are used, unless the school has alternative means of recording the range of information captured - by doing this, all parties concerned with an NQT's induction can see the support given during induction, should issues arise at any stage...


The templates below may assist an ECT in keeping a record of aspects of their induction:

A school has to report periodically on an ECT's progress towards successful completion of induction, through the submission of assessment reports to Lambeth.


For Term Six of the 2021-2022 academic year and Terms Two, Four and Six of 2022-2023, NQT Assessment Reports should be submitted as below - where the NQT is completing induction using the 'scaffolding' of school terms:

Term Six 2021-2021 - week ending Friday 15th July 2022

Term Two 2022-2023 - week ending Friday 9th December 2022

Term Four 2022-2023 - week ending Friday 24th March 2023

Term Six 2022-2023 - week ending Friday 14th July 2023

Each Assessment Report will cover the two terms (remember, Lambeth operates a six-term year...) preceding the submission date.

Should it become apparent that there is an issue, or are issues, which may hinder the NQT's progress towards successfully completing induction, the Induction Tutor should complete and return a Cause for Concern Form to Lambeth - this not only fulfil's the school's duty to keep Lambeth (as Appropriate Body) up-to-date, but allows Lambeth to offer advice and support to those concerned:


An NQT is allowed 29 days of absence during their induction.

Should the NQT reach 30 days of absence, this triggers an automatic extension of their induction (from the date of first return to school after reaching 30 days) of the length of absences during induction - this will mean that future assessment report dates will be delayed, as will their completion of induction.


Should an NQT leave before completing induction, a school should notify Lambeth of this as soon as it is known - an interim Assessment Report may also be required; Lambeth will be able to advise on this.