After Recruiting - Step Four

Register your ECT with the Appropriate Body
you have chosen to work with...

If you have chosen to work with Lambeth as Appropriate Body, please register your ECT by downloading, completing and submitting the form below:

Whilst an ECT can be registered to begin or recommence induction at any point in the academic year, it is advisable to register them from the start of Term One, the start of Term Three or the start of Term Five, as all aspects of their induction (particularly their ECF training) will be much easier to administer.

Any ECT registered with Lambeth by the deadlines given below, where their school wishes them to join the Lambeth/LSTSH Full ECF training programme, will join the training cohort beginning at the start of that term.

Term One - Friday 9 September 2022
Term Three - Friday 6 January 2023
Term Five - Friday 21 April 2023

If the ECT will be following a Core or school-designed training programme, a copy of the relevant Programme Details Form should also be completed and sent - this only needs to be done once per school for all ECTs starting induction at the same time.