After Recruiting - Step One

Schools must decide which
Appropriate Body to work with...

An Appropriate Body (AB) is a Local Education Authority, a Training School Hub or one of a handful of national organisations who oversee and make the final decision as to whether an ECT successfully completes their induction - all ECTs have to be registered with an Appropriate Body before they can begin their induction.

Lambeth can act as Appropriate Body for your ECTs.


What does this mean?


Essentially, Lambeth will:


  • provide access, through this website, to induction information and resources for ECTs and schools

  • ensure that an ECT's induction is registered as required with the Teacher Registration Agency (TRA)

  • ensure that ECTs receive support towards meeting, and assessment against, the Teachers' Standards during their induction

  • ensure that schools (through Induction Tutors) offer, and are supported in offering, a individualised programme of support and assessment to each ECT

  • ensure that schools (through Induction Mentors) offer, and are supported in offering, an ECF-based training programme to each ECT

  • ensure that ECTs and schools are supported with any issues that may hinder progress towards an ECT's successful completion of induction

  • act on a school's recommendations, with regard to progress and successful completion of induction, unless the evidence available to Lambeth does not allow this to be the case - it is the Appropriate Body who 'signs off' induction, following a school's recommendation, not the school employing the ECT

How will Lambeth enable themselves to be in a position to 'sign' off induction?

Lambeth will:

  • offer unlimited email support and online meetings to ECTs and schools to deal with any questions, queries or issues that arise during an ECT's induction - including the ringfencing of Thursday afternoons during school terms for induction matters

  • expect schools to raise concerns with an ECT's ability to successfully complete induction as soon as these become apparent

  • include all schools with ECTs in the Lambeth ECT Support Quality Assurance programme - schools may be chosen, as part of a sample, to provide copies of paperwork recording the support offered to ECTs by schools

  • where schools choose not to participate in a Full ECF training programme (be that through Lambeth/LSTSH or an alternative provider) for their ECTs, carry out quality assurance of the training programme offered by the school

  • require schools to submit Progress Reviews and assessment reports regularly during the course of induction

In return, Lambeth will expect schools to support their ECTs in line with the Lambeth 2022-2023 Appropriate Body handbook, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

The charge to schools for using Lambeth as Appropriate Body, for any ECT registered during the 2022-2023 academic year, will be as follows:

  • £225 per ECT to accept and process an initial registration

  • £225 per ECT to carry this registration through into the second year of their induction

  • £75 per ECT for any extension period of one Induction Period (IP)

  • £150 per ECT for any extension period of two Induction Periods

The minimum charge for any ECT will be £225 (where an ECT serves under a year of induction in a school)

The standard charge for an ECT will be £450 (£225 early in Year One and £225 early in Year Two)

The maximum charge for an ECT will be £600 (£450 standard charge plus £150 for a two-IP extension)

Schools will not receive a refund for any ECT leaving part-way through any period charged for.