After Recruiting - Step Two

The school must decide which
ECF training option they will follow...

There is an expectation that:


'...ECTs receive a programme of training that enables the ECT to understand and apply the knowledge and skills set out in each of the Early Career Framework (ECF) evidence (‘learn that’) statements and practice (‘learn how to’) statements.

ECF-based training is expected to be embedded as a central aspect of induction; it is not an additional training programme...'

Schools have three options for delivering this training - a Full training programmea Core training programme or a
school-designed training programme - details on training options can be found using the links below

Please note that, irrespective of which training option a school may choose, it is the Appropriate Body who oversees the
ECT's induction, and any training provider that may be chosen by the school does not play a part in this

Schools are free to choose whichever option they believe to best fulfil the needs of their school and ECTs, but Lambeth's recommendation to schools is to (in order of preference):

  • choose the Lambeth Full training programme offered in partnership with the London South Teaching School Hub (LSTSH) - this will be delivered for Lambeth schools in partnership with the Gipsy Hill Federation, Lambeth Training Support Alliance, Lilian Baylis Technology College and the Sharing Excellence Partnership - details of the programme can be found using the link below

  • choose an alternative Full training programme in partnership with an alternative Delivery Partner

  • choose to deliver a Core training programme, either individually or in partnership with other Lambeth schools

  • choose to develop and deliver a school-designed training programme

Should a school register with Lambeth as Appropriate Body, but then choose not to participate in the Lambeth/LSTSH Full programme, Lambeth would not be able to support with the ECF training element of induction, as we will not have the depth of knowledge of the programme being followed - any queries you may have about training would need to be directed to the training provider chosen.

Details of the funding for ECT induction available to schools by choosing a Full, Core or school-designed programme can be found below.